Lexember, Day 18

Something a little different today: Not all of these words are new (though most are), but I got on a tangent finding adjectives based on building materials with the Proto-Germanic suffix –īnaz (Gothic –eins), which causes some interesting things to happen phonologically to the base words (umlaut, verschärfung, and maybe even a few other German words).

ǣka [e̞ːkɑ] n.st.f.ō oak. Quercus species.
Nom. Gen. Dat. Acc.
Sg. ǣka ǣkis ǣka ǣka
Pl. ǣkas ǣka ǣkam ǣkas
ǣkins [e̞ːkins] adj.a oak, oaken, made of oak.

alúmine [ɑlúmine̞] n.st.n.ija alumin(i)um. Al.
Nom. Gen. Dat. Acc.
Sg. alúmine alúminis alúminia alúmine
alúminins [ɑlúminins] adj.a alumin(i)um, made of alumin(i)um.

bǣn [be̞ːn] n.st.n.a bone.
Nom. Gen. Dat. Acc.
Sg. bǣn bǣnis bǣna bǣn
Pl. bǣna bǣna bǣnam bǣna
bǣnins [be̞ːnins] adj.a bone, made of bone.

blījo [bliːjo̞] n.st.n.wa lead, plumbum. Pb.
Nom. Gen. Dat. Acc.
Sg. blījo blījugis blījuga blījo
blījugins [bliːjugins] adj.a lead, leaden, made of lead.

brasnas [brɑsnɑs] n.st.m.a brass.
Nom. Gen. Dat. Acc.
Sg. brasnas brasnis brasna brasna
bresnins [bre̞snins] adj.a brass, brazen, made of brass.

glas [glɑs] n.st.n.a glass.
Nom. Gen. Dat. Acc.
Sg. glas glasis glasa glas
glesins [gle̞sins] adj.a glass, made of glass.

klǣǧis[kle̞ːʤis] n.st.m.ija clay.
Nom. Gen. Dat. Acc.
Sg. klǣǧis klǣǧis klǣǧa klǣde
Pl. klǣǧis klǣǧa klǣǧim klǣǧins
klǣǧins [kle̞ːʤins] adj.a clay, made of clay.
krōme [kro̞u̯me̞] n.st.n.ija chrome, chromium. Cr.
Nom. Gen. Dat. Acc.
Sg. krōme krōmis krōma krōme
krœ̄mins [krø̞ːmins] adj.a chrome, made of chrome.

kwarǧ [kwɑrʤ] n.st.m.da quartz.
Nom. Gen. Dat. Acc.
Sg. kwarǧ kwarðis kwarða kward
kwerðins [kwe̞rðins] adj.a quartz, quartzen, made of quartz.

liðra [liðrɑ] n.st.n.a leather. Syn. fitla.
Nom. Gen. Dat. Acc.
Sg. liðra liðris liðra liðra
Pl. liðra liðra liðram liðra
liðrins [liðrins] adj.a leather, leathern, made of leather. Syn. fitlins.

līn [liːn] n.st.n.a flax, linen; cloth made of linen. Linum species.
Nom. Gen. Dat. Acc.
Sg. līn līnis līna līn
līnins [liːnins] adj.a linen, made of linen.

mapulðra [mɑpulðrɑ] n.st.n.a maple, maple tree. Acer species.
  Nom. Gen. Dat. Acc.
Sg. mapulðra mapulðris mapulðra mapulðra
Pl. mapulðra mapulðra mapulðram mapulðra
mapulins [mɑpulins] adj.a maple, made of maple, made of maple wood.

marmul [mɑrmul] n.st.n.a marble.
  Nom. Gen. Dat. Acc.
Sg. marmul marmulis marmula marmul
marmulins [mɑrmulins] adj.a marble, made of marble.

paporus [pɑpurus] n.st.m.u paper.
  Nom. Gen. Dat. Acc.
Sg. paporus paporis papora paporo
Pl. paporis paporjuga paporum paporuns
paporins [pɑpurins] adj.a paper, made of paper.

stǣns [ste̞ːns] n.st.m.a stone.
  Nom. Gen. Dat. Acc.
Sg. stǣns stǣnis stǣna stǣn
Pl. stǣnas stǣna stǣnam stǣnans
stǣnins [ste̞ːnins] adj.a stone, made of stone.

tero [te̞ro̞] n.st.n.wa pitch, resin. Cf. terui.
  Nom. Gen. Dat. Acc.
Sg. tero terus terua tero
terwins [te̞rwins] adj.a resinous, made of resin.

þāfa [θɑːfɑ] n.wk.f.ōn clay, ceramic.
  Nom. Gen. Dat. Acc.
Sg. þāfa þāfins þāfan þāfan
Pl. þāfans þāfana þāfam þāfans
þǣfins [θe̞ːfins] adj.a ceramic, made of clay. Syn. klǣǧins; of the two þǣfins refers specifically to a very fine clay.

tītane [tiːtɑne̞] n.st.n.ija titanium. Ti.
  Nom. Gen. Dat. Acc.
Sg. tītane titanis tītania tītane
tītanins [tiːtɑnins] adj.a  titanium, made of titanium.

tunþus [tunθus] n.st.m.u tooth.
  Nom. Gen. Dat. Acc.
Sg. tunþus tunþis tunþa tunþo
Pl. tynþis tynþjuga tunþum tunþuns
tynþins [tynθins] adj.a tooth, ivory, made of ivory.

wutla [wutlɑ] n.st.f.ō wool.
  Nom. Gen. Dat. Acc.
Sg. wutla wutlis wutla wutla
wytlins [wytlins] adj.a woolen, made of wool.